About Momen Hawash

Momen Hawash Personal photo

Introduction (Artist Definition)
   A multi-talented artist, a painter, photographer, sculptor and designer, his work is characterized by fast execution and accurate performance. His style is characterized by creativity and the ability to adapt all difficult materials and raw materials and highlight the beauty inherent, and even the vision of this beauty and its embodiment in an attractive and eye-catching, make his works of art pieces masterfully, dazzling and striking.
  Perhaps the most important characteristic is the enjoyment of a special vision and a distinct perspective and a unique philosophy that makes his artwork a special dimension distinguishes it from others, and his works show not only his talent but a unique genius through which he was able to impose himself and his own style as an icon in the contemporary Arab plastic art.
  The star of the artist "Moamen Hawash" has become famous in the Arab Republic of Egypt from the early twentieth century until now, and there is no evidence of his creations except his many distinctive works spread throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt ..

His birth and upbringing
   Born on December 8, 1973 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the artist "Mo'men Hawash" lived there until he reached the age of sixteen with a family that loves drawing and appreciates talents. He loved painting especially when he was helping his father in his artistic works where he admired the performance and daring of his father in the work, which gave him confidence in himself and his abilities and grew his artistic sense ..
  He painted many environmental topics surrounding him, and portraits of well-known figures using pencil, shinny ink and oil paintings, works that exceeded his early age and surprised many of his teachers and acquaintances at that time.

His education and studies
** Began his education in the "King Fahd Elementary School for the memorization of the Koran" in the city of Al-Kharj, Riyadh, then school "Abu Dujana Preparatory" and finally "Ibn Khalifa Secondary School" until the second grade secondary. He received many certificates of appreciation and academic and technical excellence
** Returned with his family to Cairo to complete high school, and then begin his artistic career by joining the Faculty of "Fine Arts - Helwan University" in Zamalek in 1990, and graduated from the Department of Photography with a very good grade in 1995 ..
** In the period from 1995 to 1997 studied and obtained a high diploma in theater studies directing department.
** He then returned to the Faculty of Fine Arts to begin his master's studies in 1998.
** Obtained several practical courses in the field of public administration, crisis management and human resources management.